Deep Dive Sessions

dds1 | 21 March 2024 | 11:15 am bis 12:15 pm
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Deep Dive with the Life Sciences Cluster Basel of the Basel Chamber of Commerce

The Life Sciences Cluster Basel promotes exchange between companies and organizations throughout the entire value chain, as well as with politics, administrations, and the general population. ...more

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How do we want to guarantee the financing of our healthcare system in the future?

The financing of the healthcare system, in particular the part via health insurance premiums, is repeatedly the focus of public attention. Do we need to change anything to ensure that our healthcare system remains affordable in the future? ...more

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What can be done to reduce the conflict between cost pressures and security of supply? Discuss potential physical and digital solutions with us.

Increasing efficiency, optimizing costs, security of supply and skills shortages are ever-present issues in the healthcare sector. Added to these is the growing trend towards digitization, which creates many benefits but also new challenges. ...more