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How to motivate teams in a new working reality?

Sprache: English

Negative headlines, always the same surrounding and lack of human contact. The Covid crisis has many consequences that extend beyond the medical. Explore the world of happiness and positive psychology in this one-hour webinar. Aurelie Litynski takes you on this journey, inspiring, informing and sharing many practical tips for you and your team to increase happiness at work.

Tuesday 13 April 4.00 - 5.00 pm

Link to the free zoom webinar or Download the calender invite

Aurelie Litynski
Happiness at Work expert, Happitude at Work GmbH


Strengthen Resilience and develop your full potential at work with Mindfulness.

Sprache: English

Chronic stress has many negative effects and yet it continues to increase in our everyday lives, the current crisis is even exacerbating it. But what can we do about it? Mindfulness. In this one-hour webinar with expert Stéphane Leluc, we learn more about the topic of mindfulness, how we can better integrate this into our everyday working lives and what benefits this has for employers.

Thursday 15 April 5.00 - 6.00 pm

Link to the free zoom webinar or Download the calender invite

Stéphane Leluc
CEO, Awaris France


Train your posture and strengthen your basis for a healthy life.

Sprache: English

Much has been said on working from home and its impact on your lower back or your neck… but one question remains: how much have you learned that will help you protect your body on the long run? In this session, Olivier Girard will tell you about a simple yet universal framework called the 3 Rules of Posture. It applies to working from home, to working from the office, to manual handling and any other daily life activity, whether at work or at home. Adults should know about it, as well as children. White collar workers as well as blue collar workers. Join us for a truly empowering session in which you’ll learn how to use and protect your body, right now as well as in the future… Be ready to look at posture and ergonomics from a brand new angle!

Tuesday 20 April 4.00 - 5.00 pm

Link to the free zoom webinar or Download the calender invite

Olivier Girard
CEO & Founder Erg'OH Conseil