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Dan Ryan

Founder and Scientific Director, COIOS Research

Dan Ryan is an international expert on demographic trends, emerging insurance risks and digital innovation. After 25 years in the insurance industry, the medical scientist from the University of Cambridge devoted himself entirely to research: among other things, he developed the concept of "disease-based models of mortality" using electronic health records and played a key role in the development of the pandemic emergency facility with the WHO and the World Bank. For over 15 years, Dan Ryan also led global, interdisciplinary research teams at Swiss Re and Willis Towers Watson. In 2019 he founded his company COIOS Research. COIOS Research investigates current developments in health, morbidity and mortality.

panel | English

1.30 p.m.


Dan Ryan and Olaf Zweig discuss data research, the ability of machine to make long-term decisions and various aspects of data collection. Establishing a dialogue between insurers and clients is a complicated task and incentivizing the release of data is a challenge. To facilitate an exchange, clients need to be educated on the potential benefits to become engaged and the perceived value must be sufficient. Trust and two-way communication must be fostered. Insurers need to regard clients on an individual basis. In order to offer the best service, personal needs and processes must be considered. Only when a dynamic is achieved in which doctor and patient can effectively communicate can effective care be provided. If a patient doesn’t feel comfortable revealing aspects of their condition or habits, treatment can be rendered pointless. A further topic of debate is the potential for expansion in insurance for caregiver as opposed to just the recipient in the form of compensation for the resulting lack of income and quality of life.