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Kat Kuzmeskas

Founder and CEO, SimplyVital Health

Kat Kuzmeskas is founder and CEO of SimplyVital Health (SVH). Thanks to blockchain-based infrastructures, the company enables easy and secure access to health data. Kuzmeskas developed SVH during her time as administrator at Yale New Haven Health Hospital. This to improve the management of patient care and costs outside the hospital network. Prior to SVH, Kuzmeskas worked at Yale New Haven and the largest community health center in Connecticut, using clinical and financial analysis to reduce costs and optimize care. Almost all the tools she developed are still in use today.

keynote | English

4.20 p.m.


More efficiency with data evaluation

The question of how medical data should be shared to the content of all parties involved is a complex one, but Katherine Kuzmeskas, CEO of SimplyVital Health, has strived to find a working solution. Focused on helping patients make good healthcare decisions quickly, SimplyVital Health processes data and uses it to promote value-based care as opposed to volume. Ownership of the data is always a key point, and SimplyVital Health stresses that they view it as a renewable resource stream and have no interest in retaining or selling it, in fact any business model based on selling data is not considered viable. By using blockchain technology to govern access to data, clients are able to monitor who accesses their data. Physicians are motivated to choose SimplyVital Health by the savings offered by their data analytics and encouraged to stay below a target price, and exceeding it results in a penalty. Overall by accessing filtered, personalised information, better healthcare decision can be made.