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Mark Roth

Captain & Examiner Airbus A380

Mark Roth's main professional work is presently as a Captain and Type Rating Instructor/Examiner (TRI/E) on the Airbus A380 for a Middle Eastern airline. In his more than 30 years in the aviation industry and with approximately 20’000 hours of flight experience, he gained valuable insights into the manifold challenges of working in intercultural and international teams. He nowadays spends a good part of his working time in simulators, where he trains pilots and issues and re-validates their licenses on behalf of the Civil Aviation Authority. Besides operating with his team a multi-million dollar enterprise to highest safety standards, he feels, that the dealing with guests and their onboard experience offers unique opportunities that are worthwhile embracing. His academic key interests are mainly in Human Factors (HF) and Leadership, specifically in regards to safety-relevant environments. Valuable input has been derived from a collaborative exchange across different high-risk industries such as medical, oil and gas industry as well as insurance companies and NGOs. The increasing demand of these topics have initiated in October 2019 the formation of AviMedConsulting. The main activity centers around consulting hospitals and their CEOs, CMOs, and MDs. Transferable tools and methods from the aviation industry, that potentially enhance the safety of patients, are analyzed, discussed and implemented. He is a passionate visiting lecturer at the Medical Faculty of University of Basel, where he trains future MDs and prepares them for their leadership roles and its associated soft skills.

session | German

28.4. | 10.50 a.m.