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Olivier Girard

CEO & Founder, Erg'OH Conseil

Olivier has over 15 years of experience in ergonomics and over 10 years of experience in posture therapy. He started in a large organization in the Netherlands, before moving to Switzerland in 2012 and becoming the head of consulting at the University Institute for Work and Health.

He founded his B2C company, TRAIN YOUR POSTURE, in 2007. In 2018, he founded Erg’OH Conseil as a B2B consulting firm. Together, their mission is to participate in a global effort to better prevent and treat musculoskeletal pain, across all generations, professions and countries.

Olivier published his book of Plein le Dos (Ed. Favre) in 2019, and its English version THE POSTURE MANUAL in 2021. His next challenge is to bring his experience of the adults' world to those in charge of children education, and thereby help our kids develop healthier posture and ergonomics habits than their parents.

You can find more on Olivier and his activities on his YouTube channel.

session | English

20.4. | 4.00 p.m.