Future­Health Basel

Save the Date: 27 March 2025 | Congress Center Basel

Accelerating the Healthcare System


What role do digitilisation and AI play in increasing efficiency in healthcare, and whate practices are successful?

Financing & Supply

How can the healthcare system be improved in order to reduce cost drivers, bolster its resilience and create a viable model for the future?

Future of Health

How will healthcare change between 2030 and 2050 in the light of demographic change and an ageing population?

Challenges inevitably lead to changes and demand new and innovative approaches to solutions in a short time, which are worth talking about. We invite you to discuss the topics that are currently occupying the national and international healthcare industry with executives and change makern from the healthcare industry, politics and business. Benefit from inspiring presentations, sessions and discussions.


Future­Health Basel
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  • Dr. John Halamka

    President, Mayo Clinic Platform, Mayo Clinic

  • Roberto Cirillo

    CEO, Swiss Post

  • Prof. Mike Martin

    Director UZH Healthy Longevity Center, UZH

  • Prof. Dr. med. Dr. iur. Thomas D. Szucs

    Chair of the Board of Directors, Helsana Group

  • Julian Springer

    Senior Business Development Manager, Trifork Denmark

  • Prof. Dr. Effy Vayena

    Professor of Bioethics, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zürich (ETH Zürich)

  • med. pract. Simone Affolter

    Practice owner and doctor, Praxis Dr. Affolter AG

  • Prof. Dr. oec. HSG Tilman Slembeck

    Professor of Economics, Zurich University of Applied Sciences

  • Dr.med. Katharina V. Rüther – Wolf

    Chief Medical Officer, Solothurner Spitäler

  • Dr. Regine Sauter

    President of H+ Swiss Hospitals

  • Dr. Lukas Engelberger

    Government Councillor and Head of the Department of Health, Canton of Basel-Stadt


Deep Dive sessions

The session will provide you with even more substance and in-depth coverage of individual topics relating to the healthcare industry. Benefit from the exchange with the players in the Swiss healthcare sector.

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